Is this compatible with hikvision nvrs?
Yes, it's compatible with hikvision nvrs. Sincerely hope my answer can help you. Thank you!
I’d like to back up my video using cloud DVR. Can you provide the RTSP url (port 554) needed to stream to my cloud service?
The RTSP url is as below for T Series Product: rtsp:// IP:PORT/11
What is the RTSP url for G Series Product?
The RTSP url is as below for G Series Product: Main stream: rtsp://IP//stream1 Sub stream: rtsp://IP//stream2
Wireless system-What to do if I can’t get any display on my TV from the NVR system?
Please use your TV remote control to switch signal source. If the signal source is right but you cannot get display, this is typically caused by a resolution compatibility issue. The default output resolution of the NVR which is 1280 x 1024 may not be compatible with some screens. Here is how to solve it: Step 1. Connect the NVR to any other screen via VGA or HDMI to see if you can enter the menu. Step 2.Go to System Setting→General Setting→Screen Setting→VGA resolution; Change it to 1080p@60; apply to save it. Tip: Never try 1080p@50 especially in US Step 3. Connect it back to your primary screen. You should have it displayed on the screen now.  
Wireless system-How to Set Motion Detection for Wireless Camera System?
Motion Record: Motion Record means to record only when movement is detected.
  1. Click right button→System Setup→Record Setup→Record Plan. By unselecting“Time”and selecting “Motion”, the channel will record only when motion is detected.
  2. Go to NVR system, right click the mouse:System setup→Channel Setup→Video DetectionEnable the Motion DetectionChannel: which camera you want to set Motion RecordDetection: choose "Motion" and need ticked "Enable" Sensitivity: Sensitivity adjustment Alarm duration: The length of the alarm Arming time---click this button,  you can set the time for motion detection. Area edit--- click this button, which you can modify the motion detection area. (Default motion detection area is full area which the camera can monitor)
Wireless system-How to format hard drive?
Right click the mouse, System setup→General setup→HDD setup, then click Format and format HDD. Tip: You also can check if your system had already preinstalled the hard drive in this way.
Wireless system-How long is the Camera‘s Wireless range from the NVR?
The cameras WiFi range can reach to 15-30m indoor, more than 50m outdoor. However, the actual wireless distance depends on the environment, as we all know that a wall can weaken the wireless signal.
Wireless system-How to expand the connection distance between the NVR and Cameras?
The system can handle a very long distance. The cause of a weak signal to some cameras are obstacles (walls). Try to avoid any possible obstacles between connected devices. The following two methods can be used to expand the signal transmission distance between the NVR and Cameras. A. Use an antenna extension to cut through wall and expand distance. When cameras and NVR WiFi signals are not strong enough because the walls, you can take off the original antenna and substitute with an antenna extension cord. Make the extension cord go through the wall (drill a hole in the wall or through the window), and put the extension cord where the WiFi signal is strong. B. Camera cascade Camera cascade: For example, when Cam2 needs to be installed where the NVR signal is not covered, and the middle camera has a better signal (Cam1).Then you can set the Cam2 connection to the Cam1. The following steps will show you how to set the cam2 connection to the Cam1. Step 1.Put Cam1 and Cam2 next to NVR and power them on, then match code for Cam1 and Cam2 (If the Cam1 and Cam2 have matched paired to the system, please skip the match code step). Right click “Video manage” to go to Video Manage interface, click “repeater”. Step 2.Click icon “+” besides CH1, then it will show the cameras which it could be connected to. Select the 2, then click “Apply”, after seconds click “OK” to finish camera cascade. Then you can install the Cam2 to where you want to. Tips. 1. This function can’t strengthen WiFi signal, just extend the distance when cameras are installed at the right place.
  1. If you can’t do the camera cascade, please check the software version of NVR and camera, and then contact us for help.
  To delete the cascade function: Move the mouse over the camera you need to delete, then click the left button to delete, and then click the “Apply” button to confirm the deletion.  
Wireless system-How to check if the camera is working or not?
Please connect the power adapter first, then use your finger to cover the sensor. If the infrared light changes to red and makes a click sound, the camera is working. If the infrared light doesn't change to red , please change to another power adapter to test it, if the infrared light still has no change, maybe the camera is faulty, please contact us.
Wireless system-What to do when a camera shows no video on the NVR?
  1. Check: the camera is working or not (please refer to the FAQ:How to check if the camera is working or not).
  2. Check that the antenna connection is OK.
  3. Take the camera close to the NVR, then power on the camera and check the camera is working or not.
  4. Please delete the camera from channel and do match code for the camera.
If you have done all of the 4 actions above, but still can’t get the video on the screen, please contact us for help.
Wireless system-Do I have to have a recording device?
Answer: For the wireless system, you have to install a hard drive inside the NVR.(No HDD Included in package,unless some item is specially stated.) SATA hard drive(3.5 inch) is OK for the system. To install a hard drive,pls follow the steps below: 1.Open the house of the unit. 2 Connect the hard drive to the connector inside the unit. 3.Screw the hard drive with screws.
Wireless system-Do I need any kind of internet for this security system?
Answer: Wireless system means that these cameras pair directly with the NVR by creating their own wireless network. If you want to remotely view cameras on smartphone or PC, please connect the NVR to your router by hooking an ethernet cable to get it connected to internet.
Wireless system-Can I add more cameras?
Answer:No.You can not add more cameras to the system. 4/8 channel system can only connect 4/8 cameras.