Buying Porch Security Cameras: Factors to Consider

Speaking of porch security cameras, features like sharp image quality, continuous recording capability, and instant alerts may pop up in your mind.

That’s where we come in – check out the essential features of front porch CCTV cameras as follows.

 Image Quality Matters the Most for Porch Security Cameras

By installing a security camera for the porch, you are monitoring not only the porch area but also the front yard, patio, and fences as well.

Without outstanding image quality, your CCTV camera may not capture the facial features of the intruders and as a result, you won’t be able to identify the burglars even with the video footage.

So, to make sure that the front porch security cameras that you are looking for record clear videos, examine the following specifications on the product page below before making a purchase.

Resolution: Generally speaking, security cameras with 1080p, 4MP, 5MP, or even 4K resolution are considered megapixel security cameras.

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